About Us

Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy was started in the year 2004 with the noble cause of training the civil service aspirants in a focussed manner and preparing them for facing the land's highest examination. The institute was founded by Mr. D. Shankar who was also an aspirant who had made upto interview in 2004 -2006.

Since 2004 the academy has helped about 600 students(toppers- Charushree AIR 06 (2014)Avi Prasad AIR 13 (2013),VP Gautham AIR 03 IFoS(2013)A.Arun Thamburaj AIR06(2012),N.K.Singh AIR11(2011), Abhiram.G.Shankar AIR04(2010), Siva kumar AIR 38 (2009), Sowmiya AIR 11(2008),Vinod Sesan AIR 03 (2007)) to obtain Ranks and services like IAS, IPS, IRS.. in the Civil Services Exam.The Academy covers subjects like General Studies,CSAT,Geography, Public Administration, Tamil Literature , Political Science and Sociology. The faculty members are highly qualified in the subject and are from reputed institutions and have developed well-defined strategies to approach each of the subjects from the examination point of view. High quality class notes, periodical (weekly) examinations and in-depth review of the answers help the aspirants to develop their knowledge, writing skills, presentation skills and refine the approach for answering the questions.

Once the students get through the Mains examination, the Academy conducts Group discussions, mock- interviews, discussions with IAS, IPS officers and with subject matter specialists from various fields. These discussions help the candidates to improve their communication skills, increase their self-confidence, develop positive attitude.